Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nano 2012 Update

So far so good. Four days into the month and I find I'm keeping up with the word count.

Don't know for how long, though, as the roads get bumpier and we're go, go, go, non-stop until after January. But I'm hanging in there, hopeful. Got a plan and so far I'm having a blast.

Smiling me
But it's only the beginning, so I'm sure somewhere along the line my poor hubby is going to scream for help, for someone to save him from the dragon lady I'm sure to become.

Pretty tame, isn't it? Ha!

So I'll leave you guys with the thought that one should never, ever give up on one's dreams.

 Happy writing!

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  1. Johanna, you are so right we should never forget our dreams.