Friday, March 2, 2012

A Hell Hounds Snippet

Drest dropped his cloak of shadows and stood still for a moment, eyes black as coal scanning the area. His tall frame was all dark planes and corded muscle; a shadowy outline against the semi-darkness of the alley. He stepped forward, revealing his presence to the demon that was hunched over its victim.

“Hell Hound!” the demon hissed and spat as he backed away from the body. “You stray far away from home!”

“I am not the one who strays, demon,” Drest responded, his tone scathing. He had been tracking demons for the past month, and he was tired and in a foul mood. He watched the hideous creature sway back and forth, restless. “You seem nervous and need not be.” He kept his voice steady but all his senses were on alert. This one did not hunt alone. “I have but come to fetch you home.”

“Prison!!” shrieked the demon, his eyes glowing red . He made a weak attempt at swiping the air with his bloody claws, but maintained a safe distance.

“But home to the likes of you.” He held out a hand in warning and the demon froze. “Do not mistake my intent! Choose to return or destruction.” His other hand went to his hip, where a coiled whip rested. Crafted from the thick darkness of Erebus, the whip was one of Drest’s favorite weapons, easy to wield and lethal. “Kali! You may come out of the shadows!” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the demon Kali detach itself from the wall to his left. Slithering slowly, she made her way to her husband’s side, her eyes promising a thousand deaths.