Friday, June 29, 2012

Angels & Fallen Angels

Hi, everyone! As I began my driving shift the other evening, there were ominous clouds across the horizon in the direction we were heading. I figured it was going to be an interesting night what with the rain, lightning and thunder. 
I said a little prayer for safety and this got me thinking about angels. I’m always calling on angels for help. Everyone has their own Guardian Angel, the one who looks after your soul. That little voice you hear sometimes when you’re at a crossroads or making a tough decision –some call it conscience-, that gut feeling you get about something being not quite right. Hmmm…I have to admit suddenly becoming deaf  every now and then, if you know what I mean.

And do you remember that cartoon Tom & Jerry, where Tom, the cat, would have a good angel on one shoulder and a bad angel (usually a red little devil) on the other shoulder, giving him opposite advice? Talk about the internal battles about doing the right thing or taking a pass at not doing anything, or actually doing a deed we know is not right. 

A very good friend of mine who knows a lot about angels, told me that there were also angels with other purposes: white angels for peace (we knew that!), green angels for health, yellow angels for clear thinking and inspiration, orange angels for mechanical stuff and so on. I believe this speaks highly of delegation, don’t you think? 

And then we have those Fallen Angels we read so much about, the really bad ones, that behave like demons but are not; and the not so bad ones that have some redeeming quality and whose soul might be saved by self-sacrifice or some quest. Sound familiar? There are so many books out there that use this premise.

What about you? Do you believe in angels? Do you have any interesting stories about them? I’d love to hear about them!