Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Thought about it, have you?

Zombie from Crestock.com

The dead walking. Towards you. With only one purpose, which is to tear at you and eat you. Creepy, right? Scary? Mmmmm… Now, don’t smirk, but there are people out there totally prepared for a catastrophe of this type. There are even Zombie kits for sale on the internet. Not to mention the people that actually dress up as zombies and take drugs to enhance the zombie experience.

I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, a show about, you got it, zombies. Last week we got the second season and watched it. Loved it. Can hardly wait for the third season that starts in October. That got me thinking. Yes, I know, that’s plain dangerous in itself.

Cartoon Zombies chasing terrified young woman from Crestock.com

I thought: what if? What if it actually happened? Where would we go? What would we do if suddenly there were hundreds, thousands of zombies milling around looking for someone to much on? And we can’t forget those great examples of human nature that would scavenge and steal and probably kill you for a can of beans. That’s even scarier.
Zombie scout muching on human ear from Crestock.com

Weather can get crazy sometimes. Ice storms, blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes, you name it. In the truck we carry bug out bags full of goodies to keep us alive for 5 to 6 days should we get stranded or stuck somewhere due to extreme weather or a natural disaster. We figure that is enough time for help to arrive.
Lightning by Melissa Bowersock

Bug out bag

My husband kinda looked at me funny when I brought it up. I just wanted to know the small details like where to meet if separated and have an action map to act as a guide. So the roof of the school nearby is our first choice. We go from there. It’s a start, right?
Zombie aftermath from Crestock.com

What about you? Whether it’s a natural disaster, some disease epidemic or a zombie attack, are you prepared to survive? If so, what have you done so far? What would you do?
I’d love to hear from you!


  1. You're organised!

    If it's a weather event, I'd stay put. However, if it was a cataclysmic event like being hit by a meteor. I'd run out and embrace it. I'd rather have a fast death than a slow one. But that's just me!

    1. Hi, Christine. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, I definitely agree with you on the fast death. Funny thing, sometimes there might be some hope, faint but there. Have you watched the movie The Mist? What an ending!

  2. For a zombie attack, I believe the running plan for my roommates and I is to grab a school bus, some weapons, and shark suits (They're resilient). Then we're grabbing my boyfriends parents because they have several years worth of food stocked up, grab my parents (they also have food), and head for the mountains.

    1. Hi, Noree. Thanks for stopping by. Shark suits sound interesting. I'll have to look into that. And excellent choice to grab parents and food. Sweet! The mountains might be risky if you need to hunker down, although it's good if they're isolated. Totally love the school bus idea.

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  4. Hey, Johanna. I wanted to let you know I tagged you for the "Look Challenge" because I think your blog is awesome.

    Here the link for more information: http://noreecosper.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-look-challenge.html